Four Signs Your Cat Is At Their Unique Best

Need an easy way to keep tabs on your cat's health? Just remember to check your C.A.T.S.

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  • If it's soft and shiny, she's at her glamorous best.
  • Scruffy, matted fur is cause for concern.
  • How to check: Brush your cat.
  • If your cat is eating every day, he is doing fine.
  • If your cat goes more than one day without eating, he may need attention.
  • How to check: Watch his bowl for a couple of days, and make sure he's jumping on his treats.

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  • Your cat has her own personality and style of interacting.
  • This shouldn't change drastically. If it does, it's a sign something could be wrong.
  • How to check: Be aware of small personality changes. They may be signs of big health needs.

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  • You know your cat is at his ideal size when you can feel, but not see, his ribs under his fur.
  • He may not be at his ideal size if he's losing flexibility and he seems to be slowing down.
  • How to check: Pick up your cat and make sure you can feel but not see his ribs.

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